Recipients FAQ

Is surrogacy legal in Canada?

Yes! But the government is currently trying to pass legislation that would ban surrogacy except for altruistic reasons.

Are surrogates doing this for the money?

NO! In my experience, the women who approach me that want to do this, are truly doing this “out of the goodness of their heart”. I truly don’t believe that the compensation that these women receive is enough to “change their lifestyle”.

What would I look for in a “typical surrogate”?

Basically a woman that already has children, throughly enjoys being pregnant, and has “done her homework”, regarding surrogacy.

Shouldn’t I worry that she will try and keep my baby?

NO! This person is helping you to have your family. She generally has already completed her family. To my knowledge, no Carrier in Canada has ever tried to keep the baby.

What is the most difficult part of the whole process?

From my experience, it probably has to be “The Contract Stage”. Most of the items everyone can get through quite easily. But NO ONE likes to discuss the financial aspects. It is beneficial sometimes to be able to have a neutral third party involved to help resolve any issues that may arise.

What is the best part of the whole process?

By far, it is in the delivery room!!

Prospective Surrogates FAQ

What if the Parents change their mind or separate, or die?

This is all spelled out in the contract. Parents must name a guardian for their child in the case of a dispute or death.

What kind of medications am I on?

Initially, you will be put on lupron, which will be used so that the doctor can “manipulate” your cycle to match up with the Intended Mother. Later in the cycle, you will be on estrace (pills) and progesterone (injections or suppositories).

Does everyone use the same lawyer?

No. You need your own lawyer to look out for just YOU, and your rights.

Does the Transfer hurt?

Not at all! It is basically like a pap during your yearly exam.

How many embryos do they transfer?

Usually 2-4 depending on egg quality, and also what you and your Couple have decided upon.

Will my Couple want to come to doctors appointments and be involved?

Absolutely! Most couples want to be able to attend all doctors appointments, and ultrasounds, with the ultimate being in the delivery room!

What kind of relationship with the Parents should I expect after the birth?

This should be something that you discuss with the Parents before and during the pregnancy. I always thought a “Christmas Card” relationship was enough for me, along with a phone call or two throughout the year.

What if the Parents change their mind, and don’t take the baby?

I can assure you, that the couples working with CSO Inc., are VERY committed to having their family, and to date, no one has “changed their mind”.

When can I get started?