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We know as a Surrogate, you have a passion for building families through surrogacy and take care of each Miracle as if they were your very own. Making sure you are properly cared for is also a crucial and an important part to every journey as well. Here are just a few fresh ideas to add some more Self-Love to your Self-Care routine. 

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1. Create Yourself a “Zen” or Quiet Space 

Do you already enjoy meditation? Have you just been looking for some ways to take a break from your busy atmosphere? Creating your very own “Zen” or quiet space might be something that would work well for your self-care routine!     

  • To start, find a free space you can dedicate to just yourself that doesn’t have many distractions. If this space shares another purpose, such as an office for work, try isolating the space into a corner or more closed off portion of room. Room dividers or screens can help with this as well.  
  • Fill it with things that help you recharge and feel comfortable. This could be cozy cushions, scented candles, precious stones, etc. Whatever helps you feel calm and relaxed. 

2. Find a New Walking Route or Exercise

During a healthy pregnancy, it’s good to get a little exercise. Activities that get you moving, like walking and swimming, are great to get your heart rate up without straining yourself physically. But if you’ve been feeling a little bored or unmotivated, why not try to one of these ideas! 

  • Find a new walking route or trail you haven’t been on before 
  • Try a Prenatal yoga or Pilates class 
  • Connect with a SurroSister and start exercising together 

3. Get Self-Expressive with a Creative New Hobby 

If you like to share your love and passion for surrogacy with others, then why not try expressing it in a new creative way? There are many ways you can do this, but here a just a few ideas: 

  • Knitting/crocheting hats, scarfs or mittens for the baby, IP’s, or even yourself!  
  • Journaling or blogging throughout your journey 
  • Grow a plant or small garden that grows as the baby does too 

4. Have Belly Art Done 

Watching our belly grow during the surrogacy journey with the baby is exciting! Why not celebrate and have some fun with it in the later months by getting beautiful belly art done? You can use:

  • Non-toxic body paint
  • Henna (which is a natural plant-based dye that only lasts a few days to weeks on the skin). 

5. Schedule a “Me” Day 

Sometimes it’s good to just set aside some time to self reflect or do absolutely nothing. But even if want to do something more active for yourself, such as take a trip to a resort, schedule that time in your calendar.

This will ensure that you and those in your inner circle remember that time is now saved just for YOU.