Besides Delivery Day, Transfer Day is one of the most anticipated steps in a Surrogacy Journey! It can be both exciting and nerve wracking, especially post-procedure during the two week wait. If you’d like to ensure everything goes well, here are some tips to help you get prepare for the big day!

Pack a Personal Care Bag


Staying hydrated when you’re sick helps replace the fluids in your body that you lose due to a runny nose or congestion. Things that help keep you hydrated include:

  • Any medications that the Nurse or Doctor has asked you to bring
  • A book, puzzle or tablet to keep you busy while waiting
  • Full water bottle in case they want you to have a full bladder before the procedure
  • Sanitary pads

Arrange the Details of the Day


Organizing the day can not only help you ensure it goes smoothly, but can also keep your stress-levels down.

  • Have a map or saved instructions for how to get to the Clinic
  • Leave early in case the traffic gets heavy
  • Schedule childcare in advance if needed

Plan your Outfit (and wear Lucky Socks if you’d like!)

CSO Family lucky socks

Before your Transfer, they will ask you to change into a medical gown, so here are some clothing items we suggest you wear the day of.

  • Stretchy and loose-fitting clothing
  • Lucky Transfer Socks (or any other lucky clothing items) to help boost your Good Luck and Positivity for the appointment

Rest Well


Getting some good rest will help prepare you for the big day. Here are some ways to help you get some Zzzz’s.

  • Find space to nap without interruptions
  • Go to bed early or take a nap during the day
  • Avoid caffeine and sugar before bed

Have a Support System


Having some support can really help make it a successful day. Here are some suggestions we recommend.

  • Ask a friend or family member if you can text or phone them if needed
  • Arrange for help with transportation if needed
  • Bring a friend or family member along for emotional support if you can


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