About Us

Joanne, Our Founder

It is with the saddest heart that I write that We lost our Matriarch. Joanne passed away December 20, 2019, in the most peaceful way possible and with her family by her side, holding her hand. Our world is just a little bit darker without her with us, but we know she is always watching, always guiding us.
She will never be forgotten. I will continue her legacy with every ounce that I have within.

I will make you proud, Mom xoxo

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Owner/Managing Partner

Well Hello! I’m Robyn! I’ve been with CSO for pretty much my entire life! I am married with 2 kids, a furpup, 2 ninja-cats, a couple of fish and a bird! It’s a zoo around here most days!

While I haven’t been a surrogate, I have been an egg donor a number of times and I know the Surrogacy life as if it were my own. You see, My Mom, Joanne, was the first ever surrogate in Canada! I have been in the Surrogacy world since I was 4!

I am the Owner & Managing Partner here at CSO & Little Miracles. I am responsible for the day to day operations of our Office. I am honoured and thrilled to be involved in such intimate journey’s and to be the Main Point of Contact for everyone!

I am very ‘hands on’ in ensuring you have the journey you envision. From the very first contact you send to CSO, I strive to ensure you have the support needed, whether as a Surrogate, or as an Intended Parent. Support is not a ‘one size fits all’ and I am here to empower you on this Journey!


Director of Client Care

My name is Crystal and I live in Pickering with my husband and two children. I am a self-proclaimed eternal optimist, but I am sure those in my life will confirm that!

Ever since I was a child, I loved helping and very much cared about the happiness of those around me. So, it was no surprise when I decided to become a surrogate and once I did I knew this was my new path.

I always wanted to have a career where I could give back to people in a real impactful way and so I made the jump from the corporate world to a career where I can share my eternal optimism with those that need it and be a part of something so beautiful and meaningful.

I have a true passion and dedication as a surrogate and for everything we do as CSO Family, which I believe makes me a strong advocate and cheerleader for all that are on this journey.
I am currently the Manager of Client Care – my focus is on Supporting our Intended Parents from the very first email to CSOFamily until your baby is in your arms. I feel so lucky to be in this position where I get to be just a little piece of your journey!

I am also honoured to be the one that will meet our Surrogates in person for the first time at the clinic appointment! We get to be able to sit, have a tea/coffee and go over this entire beautiful journey together!


Director of Egg Donation Services & Communications Manager

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa Dos Santos and I am the Communications Manager with Little Miracles CSO Family.

I started with Little Miracles and Canadian Surrogacy Options in March 2013 as a part-time administrative assistant and with much guidance and support I have excelled in my role with this amazing organization. I now oversea the day-to-day journeys of the CSO Family egg donor division at Little Miracles.

Over the years I have acquired an amazing knowledge of this industry, after personal hands on experience with both our donors and recipients as well as while working with this organization over the last 9 years. But nothing compares to the compassion, care and support I have learnt for those enduring infertility and the team behind the scenes that makes the dreams possible.

I created a small business venture outside of my role with CSO Family called Nova Stone (healing bracelets, sage, healing stone sets, etc.) in December of 2017. I have been working hard to expand my knowledge and business in the health and wellness area, including a recent collaboration with CSO Family and Nova Stone CA called #TheJourneyBox which includs amazing healing and relaxing products for the amazing surrogates along their journey.

Over the last few years I have handled and endured a lot of personal growth; including a divorce and moving to a new city. We don’t always know where we’re going in life- but when we get there, we know we’re meant to be there! I believe in positivity and optimism and doing things that make your heart and soul happy.

So with that positivity it brought me to my current life, I am in a happy , love-filled relationship with my high school sweetheart and we recently had a baby boy in February of last year.

I am over the moon in love with them both!

My boyfriend and I recently opened up a booth at an antique market where we enjoy our like-minded of hobby of finding unique vintage or antique pieces, we called our booth NovaStone Antiques.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing with our son, going to antique markets and thirft shops, painting, hanging out with my dog Chico, travelling and reading – my favourite author is Paulo Coelho, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite quotes by him

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.“ -Paulo Coelho


Manager of Client Care

Four years ago Shondra joined our surrogacy sisterhood. She remembers feeling so nervous and having butterflies like she had never had before.

It was clear right from the start that Shondra had a passion for helping. With her husband and son by her side they set out to make dreams come true.

In March 2018 Shondra welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world and into his parents waiting arms. It didn’t take long for Shondra to know she wanted to carry again. In February 2020 another beautiful baby boy was brought into this world!

Interestingly Shondra has never carried a baby girl, but! With journey number three on the go and an expected transfer for the end of this month, we will have to wait and see if Shondra’s boy streak continues!

We are so proud of all Shondra and her family have done for others. As they continue to help build families, Shondra’s experience and passion for alternative family building will be a priceless asset to the CSO family.


Intended Parent Support Advocate

Darcy first connected with CSO to start her own Surrogacy journey. Now she has evolved into being our main support for our Intended Parents!

As if she’s been doing this forever, she took this role and really made it her own – ensuring all of our waiting Intended Parents feel supported and loved during the hardest part of their journey!

She has also really brought a sense of peace to the team and dedication to ALL things CSOFamily! She continually amazes us and never bats an eye at whatever curve-ball is thrown her way!

She effortlessly become so valuable to all of us and we truly couldn’t imagine our team without her!


CSO Surrogate Support

Stephanie came to us very many years ago wanting to become a Surrogate. Now, she has become a part of our internal CSO Family. It feels like it was meant to be!

Our surrogates are so lucky to have her as a part of their support system. Knowing that she is always just a text away is so comforting and I know they have come to rely on her just as much as we have.

Her outgoing, caring and compassionate personality truly make them such a great fit in this role and I know they will continue to excel in the years to come, and we’re all here for it!


CSO Surrogate Support

Allison came to use so many moons ago with the dream of becoming a Surrogate. Without ever have a child of their own, they became one of the very first in Canada to become a surrogate!

Allison continued living her dream over the years to help so many people become parents in all different aspects.

Now, Allison is an integral part of our CSO Family team by supporting other women who chose this beautiful journey in helping build families.

We look forward to seeing Allison continually shine and succeed with us! We believe they truly belong in this role and their compassion, care and friendly personality bring out the best in our surrogates and our team!


Surrogacy Intake Coordinator

Ashleigh first connected with us to become a Surrogate. As CSO Family has grown, she’s become a big part of our support team and now helps other women become new surrogates as our Intake Coordinator.

Ashleigh is you go when it comes to knowledge, answering any surrogacy questions or concerns. She helps new surrogates feel confident and her friendly personality makes everyone feel at home.

As she continues to help Intended Parents become parents as a Surrogate, we are so glad to have her on the internal team as well and can’t wait for the exciting things she will keep accomplishing in the future!


Executive Administrative Assistant

We are so grateful to have Loralee back on the team as an Executive Administrative Assistant.

From admin tasks to keeping everyone on the team organized, Loralee plays a key role in helping CSO Family run smoothly. Her skills and attention to detail really make her shine in her role!

We are very happy to have her and look forward to many more days ahead!


Executive Administrative

Dominique is our newest Executive Administrative. She handles everything from scheduling appointments to client customer service.

She’s been a huge help and we’re so glad to have her on board our team!


Social Media and Graphic Design Manager

Mel is our newest Social Media & Graphic Design Manager. Her job is to share how incredible our Surrogates and Donors are through social media with custom designs.

She also handles our branding, specially curated gifts, print materials, and anything else that requires some creative flair!


Little Miracles Intake Coordinator 

Hailey works with our egg donors, helping ensure they feel confident in their journey and answering any questions or concerns they may have.

Alongside CSO Family, she has become a valuable asset to the team. With her caring nature, all new and current Donors feel welcomed by her.