Our SecretSurro is back with another entry! We can’t wait to share with all of you!!!:

I’m the kind of person who requires a posse.

When I decided to go back to school and finish my degree, I had hubby (who is an education
junkie) look at options with me and help nail down transcripts and courses.

When I move houses (which we do often seeing as we’re a military family) I bribe my best friend
to fly in and help decide my layouts. She’s an organizational guru, and I trust her opinions and
insight on what should live where.

I openly admit to crowdsourcing opinions on best restaurants, realtors, and I love hearing
people’s past experiences and thoughts. I’m a stories person, I feel that hearing other people’s
stories can help better my story.

When it came to surrogacy, I knew I needed a posse. I wasn’t looking for a company, I was
looking for a circle. I didn’t need an agency alone, but personal support and insight.

When I first felt the call to become a surrogate, I had reached out to another organization that
wasn’t CSO. While there was nothing that was a red flag about this company, I knew it wasn’t
the fit I was looking for. Within my first two interactions with CSO, I knew I had found my posse.

I had access to incredible knowledge, support, and insight from the very beginning. It can
sometimes be a hard knack to balance professionalism with good humour, but it’s completely
found with CSO’s staff.
Signed, SecretSurro 

Thanks SecretSurro!!! We love your Entries!! Can’t wait for Part 3… Stay Tuned!