The time of the week I know that I wait anxiously for! Our SecretSurro is back with another entry!! These Entries, while only a glimpse of how she is feeling, are such an insight to what some Surrogates feel. They are just so truly special to be a part of!

It’s like a blind date.  But on speed.  With my kids and husband thrown in the mix for good measure.

Preceding this date was an initial email, sent through Robyn telling this couple that they were the people I wanted to move forward with.  I’m assured that first emails are always light, “just getting to know each other.”  The sassy part of me retorts “just getting to know….if I want to have their baby?”  Yup, super light.  Because as much as I love befriending new people, there’s a definite difference between getting to know someone, and getting to know the people who are entrusting their baby to you.  That line in the movie Frozen that sings, “Don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but it’s somewhere in that zone?”  Yes.  That.

It’s 30 minutes before my Intended Parents are set to arrive, and I’m already compulsively looking out my window to check the driveway.  We’ve sent a few emails including myself and my husband to both Intended Mom and Dad, and my IM and I have been texting every day for a week straight. But there’s something about seeing each other, sharing a table and eating food together that has made all my nerves fly into overdrive.  I am thankfully married to the world’s most even tempered individual, and he’s as cool as a cucumber.  

Still, what’s going to happen when we open that door?  Will we click?  How awkward will it feel bringing up the reason we’re all meeting?  Will it even come up?  At some point if all my intuition is true we all have to look at each other and say, “Let’s have you two a baby.” 

Gassy and elated….

Doorbell rings.  It’s go time.

Thank you SecretSurro!!!! xoxoxo