And She’s back! Our SecretSurro has another entry for us to love!!

There’s been a shift in my resolution, and I can’t place my finger exactly on when it started.

I can remember the feelings that came with first transfer so clearly.  There was a kind of unadulterated positivity, like the kind of feelings that a child has looking forward to their birthday.  It’s the kind of perspective that sees only shiny happy things, that skims over the bad and overlooks the difficult. 

In this second half of our journey I don’t think that I’ve lost all of my positivity, but I do think it’s grounded now in so much more realism.  The expectations of only positive outcomes isn’t realistic for this journey, or for life in general.  There will be always be obstacles, and bumps in the road.  The most important value in this surrogacy journey isn’t in fact relying on only good things happen, it’s maintaining always my sense of hope, and optimism even when facing the hard things.

In life, I’ve sometimes been guilty of taking the path of least resistance, or shying away from the things I know will be uncomfortable.  I am seeing already that this journey is going to grow not just my patience, but I think my endurance as well.  Intended parents have already faced hard decisions and heartbreaking setbacks, and stepping into this journey means that I’m staring those kind of overwhelming obstacles right in the eye, and partnering with my IPs to work at overcoming them, one at a time.
I’m a little more battered now, a little more bruised, but armed with a fresh resolved.

XOXO … we can’t wait for your next entry and see your journey with your IPs takes you!