We are so pleased to Introduce a guest blogger that we will be able to follow throughout her Surrogacy Journey!

Here is her first Blog Entry:

There are so many dark and heavy things in this world. Opening my Twitter is enough to make
me realize that there are so many hurting places. Sometimes the tragedies are so big they’re at
risk of freezing me into inaction. So many people are in pain who I have no way of helping.

What if there’s a pain in this world that is tragic, and heartbreaking, but I can do something
about it? What if I could be the catalyst of someone’s heartbreak turning into hope? I’m
standing at the edge of that possibility, and praying to be a strong enough person that I can take
a step, despite a cost.

I feel to the depths of my soul that we are all called to bring life to this world. Some bring life in
their occupations, they are doctors and social workers, soldiers and advocates. Some bring life
in their families, how they lead and love and teach their children. There are countless foster and
adoptive parents, who give life to children at risk in one of the truest examples of self sacrifice.

I feel like I am called to bring life to this world, and to fulfill that call in the most literal sense of
that meaning. I have been struggling with friends through the hardship of their infertility, and
can see so clearly this is a heartache that I can do something about. The tragedy of infertility is
without borders. It can affect families in every demographic and in every geographical area. It
takes one of the softest and most generous wishes one could have, this wish to become a
parent, and puts that dream cruelly out of reach.

Will the decision to help a family come at a cost? Yes. There will be medications, and
injections, and tests and time and patience. But I know without wavering that my sacrifice would
lead to so much good. It would lead to anticipation, to new beautiful relationships. It would lead
to goodness and fulfillment and ultimately, it would lead to the worlds most beautiful blessing; a
child for parents who so desperately long for one.

I am called to bring life to this world.
I am called to be a surrogate.

Secret SurroHero