Our SecretSurro, pictured below with her husband!

I am experiencing a lot of pressure. This is both figurative and literal.

It’s here.  Transfer day is here.

There’s so much build up to this day.  There’s medications, there’s lining checks, there’s check ins with the clinic and of course that build up with the Intended Parents.  Everything has been culminating to this moment, and I actually can’t stop shivering I’m feeling so much.  Hubby had grabbed an extra pillow case from the ultrasound stand for me to use as an extra cover, which helped.  I think feeling taken care of by him helped as much as the extra layer.  He’s right by my side, and I’m so thankful that I have him to lean on.

I had acupuncture right before coming into the freezing transfer room, and it had done a good job to relax me.  I commented to hubby that I could feel my breathing had slowed, and after transfer there’ll be another acupuncture session.  I’m glad it comes with a blanket.

The doctor and ultrasound tech are in, and this is the part that I’m feeling that literal pressure. The ultrasound tech is trying to get into the right position, and the doctor keeps adjusting the tilt.  It’s not exactly painful, but it’s not comfortable given the full bladder.

All of the pressure and discomfort and cold is forgotten when I see that tiny embryo on the screen.  I hear the name of my intended mom, and I watch as that little tiny speck is placed in me.  Entrusted to me.  I hear my husband exhale.  We had both been holding our breath.

That moment that has preoccupied thoughts and actions for weeks and months has finally arrived, and everything feels out of my hands.  After today I will be P.U.P.O., or pregnant until proven otherwise.   

I’m still holding my breath.

We are holding our breath with you, SecretSurro!! The 2 week wait will be a long one! Fingers crossed!!!