WOW! YAY! Another Entry from our #secretsurro !!

Sometimes writing breaks are for space and hard things, for processing news that is difficult to share.

But this pause, and this break, hasn’t been that at all.  It’s been a holding your breath, heart full of hope, wonderful time to process.  Not just for myself and my husband, but for that amazing couple, those IPs who have been holding their own breath and tempering their own expectations and hopes and dreams.

The wait for betas for every surrogate is torture.  But in a way, the dilemma of whether or not to test before betas is its own form of torture. The possibility of knowing what could be wonderful news is tempered by the risk that there may be an extra week of known disappointment and hardship. 

In what can only be described as relief, and wonder, and happiness, those betas came back with a resounding “YES!!!!!” 

The clinic wrote a congratulations to all, with the news that by a measure of hundreds, that miraculous HgC was very much present.  Hope is something that is always worth clinging to, and even for Intended Parents who have felt their ups and down, our little team of love can take a moment and celebrate, marking this as an amazing day to be so overwhelmingly thankful.

All of a sudden, our journey is on to next steps.  We have ultrasounds to schedule, and the next stage of waiting has begun.  Our minds go to that ultrasound, and that precious sight we’re all pray for: a heartbeat.  A strong one. 

The next hope.
The next test.
The next step.

Congratulations SecretSurro and to your IP’s! How amazing that a new little miracle is on the way?!?! We hope these early days of pregnancy are easy and kind on you!