Ohhhh!!!! I know I’ve been waiting for this one!!!

I’m walking into an ultrasound office with the Intended Parents, and I can feel, rather than hear, the nerves jittering just under the surface. 

Anyone around us would hear our talking as pleasant and conversational, with nothing out of the ordinary, but I know that we’re all feeling the pressure of today.  This first ultrasound will calm so many unspoken fears I think all of us are harbouring.  This scan represents reassurance, and progress, and would give us all a wonderful indication that we can breathe just a little easier.  We’re all praying for a clear as day heartbeat.  A growing, thriving bean of a baby.

The ultrasound tech is incredibly warm, and I think she can sense all of the unspoken emotions in the room.  I see it before she points it out, that tiny movement of a little six week heartbeat.  I can hear the collective reaction as the tech says, “and you can see the heartbeat right there.” 

The next moments are ones I’ll keep locked in my memories and in my heart forever.  Some of the relief I know were feelings all my own-but there were feelings alongside that were amplified and magnified, and felt through the emotion of baby’s Intended Parents.  There was a moment of feeling almost intrusion, as I could feel them process in real time the weight of reality setting in.  It’s deeper than happiness.  It’s the palatable feeling of hope in the air.

We step outside the building and exchange hugs, and wows, and grins.  We all have a renewed sense of excitement.  We are all so ready for what’s to come.

wow, wow, WOW! Thank you SecretSurro for letting us follow along! *waiting not-so-patiently for the next entry*