Our SecretSurro is BACK!
If you haven’t yet, or want a refresher, you can start at the very beginning here:

Our new reality is starting to sink in.

I’ve had a second glorious ultrasound, where the tiny bean on the screen has grown and developed into a sweet little teddy bear shape.  I am in a groove of medications and dosages, and the symptoms of this new pregnancy are present and hard, but not so far not oppressive.

I can sense the excitement, and anticipation for that approaching second trimester from my Intended Parents. This is amazing new territory for them, and I can see how very ready they are to have faith and believe that this is working out the way that it’s meant to, and that their dream of holding their own sweet babe is becoming a reality.

I’m slowly realizing as that beautiful second trimester gets closer that along with all the safety and security that comes with hitting week 13, also comes a lot of decisions on my part.  When do I tell the people in my life?  How do I “announce,” this new life and journey that I’m on?  My close friends and family all know, but there are neighbours and acquaintances, in-laws and colleagues that all will start noticing soon that my shape is changing.  More and more every day I’m aware that this process isn’t necessarily a traditional one, I’m so curious as to how those around me will react to the decision I’ve made.  One of my biggest hopes, and I hope it comes true, is that those who know me get to share in some small part a piece of the joy and anticipation that intended parents and I share on this little growing life.

Fingers Crossed for a new entry soon, as we get to follow along this journey really start to unfold!!!