And the story continues……

My kids are pretty used to visitors, and after assurance our guests are bringing dessert, on their best behaviour.  But a part of me wonders how organic our interactions will be given the exceptional cause of our meeting.  We’re going to either click with these people and begin one of the most significant events of both of our lives, or we’re going to have a couple of hours of super awkward stilted conversation and then have to write a very difficult parting ways email.  I have a feeling I’ll know in the first ten minutes which way this is heading.

I open the front door with full-on butterflies and the first thing that happens is… hugs.  I could cry.  They’re such warm people, there’s an indescribable aura of openness.  I try making excited eyes to husband without being caught and freaking them out.  My jitters have faded a lot as my kids clamour in and examine the dessert offering.  It seems they also approve.

Intended Dad takes two servings of dinner, so apparently my cooking panned out.  We sit at the table and talk about work, and our homes and families.  There’s a comfortable flow of conversation and I feel so many of my fears falling away.  They’d make such amazing parents.  Their kid would be just adored.  I so want this to happen for them.

We walk them out far later than I was expecting, and as soon as the front door clicks I whip around to my husband.  None of this moves forward without him, we’re a team in this as in everything else.  He’s slightly smirking as he says, “You could totally have their baby, hun.”  I burst out laughing.  It’s not as crazy as it sounds though.  I COULD totally have their baby.