Updated Statement from CSO Family. Previous Post can be found here: https://canadiansurrogacyoptions.com/blog/cso-family-on-covid-19/

In an effort to help flatten this curve, the CSO Family is having our IT department configure our computers so our office will be able to work from home.
So! This means I’m asking for just a little bit of patience from all of our amazing surrogates and Intended Parents for the next few days as we enter into this transition and get set up in our remote areas. We may be working different hours during this time as we all adjust to this new normal for now.
Side note, we may not have access to our main phone line – so please try to reach out to one of us via email.

I personally think it’s best to try to limit contact and practice social distancing for now. I know I certainly don’t wanna catch this and absolutely want to do my part is slowing it down to let our health care keep up!

We are here for absolutely anything and everything you need, now more than ever. Our entire Family Team is still working full time and we will continue to help those build their families!
Thinking of becoming a surrogate? What better way to spend some time than browsing through profiles of amazing Intended Parents waiting for their perfect fit??!!

For today : the sun is shinning, my kids are happy and life is good here. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the day, listen to nature and soak in the almost spring like day ❤️

Sending love, good health and positive thoughts,