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Thank you so much for your Interest in Giving such an Amazing Gift!
We are so excited to go on this Beautiful Journey with you as A Surrogate!
The fun part 🙂 Getting to know YOU a little bit more! Here is our Online Form to complete! It consists of some yes and no questions, a little write up about why you want to help and then some pictures to go with the words!  We follow your lead on who you might be drawn to based on some of the answers in your profile 🙂
When we have the below submitted to us:  We then send you Intended Parent profiles to review. If you can imagine, there is a lot more of them then there are of women like you willing to help. BUT! I have found over the years there is always ONE that just jumps out. It’s just magic after reading the profile and you just can’t wait to get to know them and be on this journey with them!

I can’t wait to Welcome you into the CSOFamily!