Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. provides the following services for the fee paid, with no additional charges:

Some clients require all of these services and some only require a few, but please note that the fee is not negotiable and is not tied to the number of individual components that are used. No service is rendered until all paperwork is completed and the fee is paid in full.

  • Initial Consultation with Intended Parents. This is very important in ultimately finding out what Surrogacy is all about. I can answer all of your questions at this time and give you some sense of the costs involved.
  • Arrange appointment for Surrogate’s psychological screening. Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. provides you with a number of capable counsellors able to help you with the initial screening process of your prospective surrogate mother.
  • Locate separate legal counsel for Surrogate and Intended Parents. The Surrogate and the Intended Parents should be represented by separate attorneys with respect to the Surrogacy Contract and court filings relating to establishing maternity and paternity. Generally, neither the Intended Parents nor the Surrogate have, or know of, an attorney who is familiar with surrogacy. We will locate attorneys for each party, and can frequently recommend attorneys with whom we are familiar, and are experienced in surrogacy law.
  • Coordinate all appointments for both the Surrogate, as well as the Intended Parents, which respect to consultations with clinics, lawyers, etc.
  • Contract. Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. will provide you with a copy of a detailed generic contract, which can be used only to give you an introduction to the issues generally addressed in the contract. Provision of this contract should not be construed as legal advice, and I strongly urge you to review the law with your own lawyer. An individual contract will be drafted by your soliciter to meet your needs.
  • Assist Surrogate in obtaining additional life insurance.
  • Attend IVF/Embryo Transfer: If requested by either the Surrogate or the
    Intended Parents.
  • Arrange hotel accomodations: If the surrogate must travel more than 200 kms. for the embryo transfer, she may need to stay in a hotel.
  • Attend medical appointments, if possible, and if requested. Assist in arranging Surrogate’s transportation.
  • Support Surrogate, communicate with Parents, and assistance with resolution of issues. As in all relationships, disagreements and misunderstanding can occur, oftentimes resulting in hurt feelings and mistrust. We at Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. are committed to assisting in the resolution of any issues which
    arise, thereby preserving a good relationship between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate.
  • Counselling. It is important that the Surrogate has a support system for her emotional wellbeing. Surrogates are encouraged to participate in support group meetings with other surrogates, if possible. If there is no support group in her area, independant counselling is available to her on either a regular or “as needed” basis. We at CSO Inc. are currently in the construction phase of a Message Board on our site for everyone with Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc.
  • Support Groups for Intended Parents. Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. can make available to the Intended Parents a number of support groups for parents either currently going through surrogacy, or, from time to time, Parents who have their family through Surrogacy, are available to talk with you about their Surrogacy experiences. We at CSO Inc. are currently in the construction phase of a Message Board on our site for everyone with Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc.
  • Attend Delivery. If requested. (within driving distance of our office)
  • Assist with DNA requirements for necessary court filings.

* Please note, there are no refunds. Please email us to receive a detailed information package!