What to Expect on your Journey!

We are the First and Longest Running Surrogacy Agency in Canada!

Thank you for taking the time to continue reading through our information!
For Thirty Years, we have worked to tweak our Support Program for our Surrogates! As you consider becoming a surrogate, I want to personally Thank You. Surrogacy is truly such a gift that only some can say they have done. Understanding what you are considering, we are here to help answer your questions, chat about your concerns and hopefully Welcome you into Our CSOFamily of Surrogates!

Our knowledge, experience and expertise has led us to improving our Support throughout your entire journey. We understand sending that very first email requesting information is you taking a huge leap of faith and trust. We are here for it, from that very first email and our reply to you!

We would like to offer you a snapshot of what We can offer you as you embark through one of the most magical moments of your life:

  • *Dedicated One-on-One Free Consultation to ensure all of your questions are answered before becoming a part of the “CSOFamily”
  • *Dedicated Surrogacy Support Advocate that will be your main cheerleader throughout your entire journey!
  • *Assistance in creating your Surrogacy Profile!
  • *A Dedicated Team of Experienced Surrogates behind you, holding your hand and rooting you on!
  • *Access to our private Surrogates-Only Facebook support group
  • *Individualized support designed to support you and your unique journey
  • *Allowing YOU to guide the ‘dating’ phase. You Pick Who You Help! Personal Profiles sent to you to review and find that magical connection!
  • *Personal connection and referral to any professional needed within your journey (i.e. with clinics, lawyers and counsellors)
  • *Booking of all appointments/travel/accommodations for your screening and transfer appointments
  • *Consistent communication throughout journey and as milestones are reached
  • *Custom Gift Packages sent to you at each milestone reached to ensure you have items needed throughout the journey
  • *Complete management of reimbursements- including sorting and filing of all receipts/documentation needed
  • *Mediation services to best support your connection with your Intended Parents (as needed)
  • *In person support for screening and transfer appointments as requested and as allowed (Due to COVID-19 protocols)
  • *Advocating for you and your process every step of the way
  • *Assistance in securing accommodations for your Intended Parents for delivery as requested
  • *Assistance in referrals as needed for Parentage Documents for your Intended Parents (vary by case and dependent on each individual’s country re-entry requirements)
  • *Support completing passport documents for your Intended Parents
  • *Assistance in entering Canada for International clients (Due to covid-19 there are now new policies and procedures in place) to ensure safe passage for the Big Day – Delivery!
Ready to get started? We can’t wait to welcome you !