CSO Family Positive Rituals

& Good Luck Charms

Our Founder, Joanne, believed in positive thinking and having hope every step of the Surrogacy Journey. Our SurroSisters and CSO Family have always empowered each other with good vibes and caring thoughts. We’ve also seen that creating fun rituals and having lucky charms also help bring a little extra positivity and good luck! Here are a few that are still used often that we’ve come up with over the years!

The Orange Cup Club

The orange cup originated from a surrogate get together years ago, when a SurroSister suggested taking home their left-over orange solo cups to use for their pregnancy tests. At the time, it was meant to be a silly joke. However, in a twist of fate, every woman who took a cup home that night later ended up with positive pregnancy tests! Word spread quickly, and soon everyone wanted to have one of these “special” orange cups.

As luck would have it, the streak continued and to this day we still consider it a surrogacy tradition as the colour orange also symbolizes optimizations, energy and good health.

Lucky Transfer Socks

Lucky transfer socks first started in the IVF community for those who were having a difficult time conceiving the natural way. It is said when you wear these socks during an embryo transfer, they bring you extra good luck and sticky dust!

When CSO Family started coming together, it wasn’t long before our surrogates also adopted this tradition and started wearing lucky socks on Transfer Day. Wearing these socks are not only a fun good luck charm, but also bring an exciting positive energy to the clinic and their IP’s!

French Fries (and sometimes a Milkshake!)

Joanne, our Founder believed that making a stop for French Fries (and sometimes a Milkshake) following a Transfer would ensure the little Embryo would snuggle up for the long haul!

Since Joanne’s passing, it has not only become a surrogacy ritual, but also a gesture to honour to her; CSO Family’s Mama Bear.

Eating Pineapple with the Core

Science has shown us that pineapples contain Bromelain, a blood thinner, anticoagulant, and anti-inflammatory agent which all play a part in helping the embryo implant into the uterus. The core contains a lot of these nutrients, so it’s important not to cut that part out.

Traditionally it’s eaten in fifths starting the day of Transfer. We’ve seen surrogates portion it up, juice it, and freeze puree into ice cubes or popsicles!

Sticky Dust & Fluffy Thoughts

Sending “Sticky Dust” to a SurroSister on Transfer Day or during the 2 week wait is a phrase that means “We hope the little embryo sticks and good luck!”

Since the uterine lining needs to be thick and ‘fluffy’ for the embryo transfer, during a surrogate’s lining check at the fertility clinic, sending “Fluffy Thoughts” is another way we say, “Good Luck!” and send positive vibes for hope and success!