Creating families through surrogacy


Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc.


Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. (CSO Inc.) has a mission to create a balance between supporting the Surrogate, and the recipients who need one through this wonderful, yet highly emotional journey. 

 We provide complete support and guidance throughout the surrogate process, from medical and psychological screenings, to providing an abundance of information, resources, and assistance every step of the way.

Our assistance is based on you and your needs and desires.  Our goal is to see you through an amazing adventure in surrogacy.


Joanne, founder and president of Canadian Surrogacy Options (CSO Inc) has more than 25 years experience in the field of surrogacy, both personal and professional.  She was a Gestational Surrogate four times, egg donor three times, and over the years has made it her life’s goal to continue to help couples become families.  Joanne has a solid reputation among many professionals, parents and surrogates with whom she has worked with.  

Joanne has built a solid team within CSO Inc. consisting of Accountants, Administrative Assistants, Surrogate Support Personal, and Technical Staff.  She understands the importance of prompt, in depth, and solid service for all CSO clients, and continues to be hands on with the CSO team.


The Recipients that CSO helps must be physically unable to carry a child.

The women who will help a Recipient with the support of CSO must be a mother between the ages of 20 and 45, financially self supportive, and overall healthy and able to carry a pregnancy.


Your choice to work with CSO Inc. provides you with a guide, teacher, and advocate through the maze of information you will encounter during your pursuit of a successful parenting relationship.  

CSO Inc offers complete coordination for your journey from identifying and screening your potential surrogate/Intended Parents, right up to the legalities after baby is born.  Services included but not limited to are;

  • Complimentary consultation 
  • Identification, Screening and Coordination for Recipient(s) and Surrogate Mothers
  • Locate separate legal counsel for both Surrogates and Recipient(s)
  • Information and guidance on what to expect during the journey
  • Coordination of all travel requirements (flight, hotel, transportation) for Surrogate Mothers
  • Coordination of medical appts, 
  • Assist with obtaining legal information pre to post journey
  • Assist with Life Insurance for Surrogates
  • Overseeing financial matters between recipients and surrogates
  • Attend IVF/Embryo Transfer if requested
  • Attend delivery if requested (within driving distance)
  • Private Support/Connection groups for both surrogates and recipients
  • Counseling and mediation (as needed)


 CSO is highly experienced with International Couples, Same-sex, and single parent families, and understands the unique and diverse needs of various families and situations.  From communication, emotional, medical and legal needs, CSO has helped many navigate through these extraordinary needs.