Why should I work with CSO? 

Canadian Surrogacy Options (CSO) has over 25 years in the field of surrogacy including 14 years facilitating surrogate parenting relationships. In that time, we have established a solid reputation among many professionals, parents and surrogates. CSO is able to provide an abundance of information, resources, and assistance through every step of your surrogacy journey including the medical and psychological screenings and the drafting of legal contracts.

Will I need an Attorney?

It is highly recommended to have an attorney represent you in the negotiation of any contract with the surrogate and egg donor as well as to finalize your parental rights after birth. CSO provides you with a copy of a detailed contract and will assist you in locating an attorney to fine-tune it.

Which IVF clinic do you work with? 

CSO has built relationships with several IVF clinics. The decision of which IVF clinic to use is ultimately up to the intended Parents. We encourage you to evaluate several IVF clinics and find the one that best suits your individual needs.

What kind of a relationship can I expect with a Surrogate Mother?

Most intended parents and surrogate mothers have wonderful relationships throughout the pregnancy and even after birth. The relationship is a delicate balance of the needs of both parties. Many of the expectations will be laid out during the ‘dating’ process where you will be taking the time to get to know each other.

What happens if there is a falling out with the surrogate during the pregnancy?

Most disagreements or misunderstandings can be easily resolved long before there is a falling out between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. It is very helpful to have an unbiased third party involved to help prevent or resolve any issues that may arise.

Can I be a parent through surrogacy if I am Single? 

Yes! CSO works with Intended Parents of all backgrounds- single individuals, same sex couples, international couples and heterosexual couples. We have helped many single intended parents build families through surrogacy.

Can I be a parent through surrogacy if I am, or my partner is, HIV + ?

CSO has had several couples where one partner is HIV +.  There are some women that do not have a problem working with people that are HIV+.  There will be additional testing involved and sperm is quarantined for 6 months.  But we have in fact made several families from couples where one partner was HIV+

Does CSO have an Egg Donor division?

Yes! Little Miracles was established in 2007 offering egg donation as an alternative to build your family. Little Miracles has a strong network with the best professionals in third party reproduction and currently has over 200 donors registered on their database. 

Are Egg Donors anonymous or known?

Egg donors have the right to remain anonymous. While most prefer to remain anonymous, there are some that are comfortable with known donation.

What happens to any remaining frozen embryo? 

Frozen embryos are stored at your IVF clinic where they will advise you of your options. Of course, you may use the cryopreserved embryos in a future surrogacy if you choose.