Surrogacy is such a wonderful option for couples now to have a child with a biological link.

Many couples through no fault of their own, are unable to have children without the help of a third party.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc., has been assisting couples with the surrogacy process for well over 20 years. No other Canadian agency has the first hand experience or reputation we have earned.

There is no greater love than a parent for their child. But continued disappointment and the realization of not being able to become pregnant, or carrying a pregnancy to term, can be emotionally as well as physically devastating.

Many women have medical issues, or genetic conditions which makes pregnancy life-threatening, or impossible. Unlike adoption, surrogate parenting allows a child to have a biological link to one or both of the Intended Parents. Science has come along way in the last 20 years, and because of these advances many more couples are experiencing parenthood than ever before. Doors are opening for an increasing number of people. Even same sex couples are finding that they too can be parents with the help of an egg donor, and surrogate.

Most importantly, it gives the Intended Parents the opportunity to share with their Surrogate the all the wonders of the pregnancy.

There are many options available to couples in order to build their family. Surrogate parenting is a very viable one!

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