The decision to utilize a surrogate mother to obtain a pregnancy is a
decision that is usually made after much thought and consideration. It
may be the last resort after years of painful infertility treatment that
didn’t meet with any success. For many families who are considering
surrogate parenting, this is their last hope for having a child. By this
time they are emotionally drained, stressed, and frustrated. Making
further inquiries about where to locate a surrogate mother and how to
proceed with this process may seem daunting.

In Canada, it has been especially difficult. Not only do couples not want
to discuss their infertility, but also some clinics, doctors, and lawmakers
etc. would like to think that this practice doesn’t exist. But it is truly a
viable option offered to infertile couples, and can be a wonderful
experience for everyone involved.

Once you decide that surrogate parenting could be an option for you,
there are many important decisions that will have to be made from this
point on. You are asking a Gestational Carrier to help you create a child.
This creation may be one of the most significant in your life. And,
although you may be anxious to proceed right away, the decisions
before you do are crucial. The consequences could be severe if you
make poor choices at this point in the surrogate parenting process. This
is not a time to pinch pennies and cut corners. You are entering into a
relationship that is complex, controversial and emotional.

Working with a consulting service, such as Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc., can be a very positive choice, with many benefits and safeguards.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. provides you with a number of capable counselors able to help you with the initial screening process of your prospective surrogate mother.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. provides you with a copy of a detailed
contract, and will assist you in locating lawyers to fine-tune it for your
specific needs.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. is committed to helping all clients
have a very positive surrogacy experience. And to help you achieve this,
it is also advisable to have a neutral, objective facilitator experienced in
surrogacy matters. This facilitator can handle difficult matters that may
arise during the course of the relationship. These matters could include
pre-natal care, expenses, and other delicate issues. A good facilitator
can help everyone involved keep the lines of communication open, and
assist them in coming to a decision that is agreeable to all concerned.

Families, who decide to use the services of Canadian Surrogacy
Options Inc., do so because their area of expertise lies in another field.
Most of our clients lead very busy lives. They do not feel that it is in
their best interest to try and learn all of the skills necessary.

Surrogate parenting is a wonderful new parenting option for many
families. It can be joyous, happy experience for both the family and the
surrogate mother. Hopefully, with the help of Canadian Surrogacy
Options Inc., we also can be a part of “…making a couple a family…”

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